Chromebook Ubuntu 13.04 Touchpad Fix

This one is nice and simple, to fix the sensitivity of the touchpad back to what you were used to under ChromeOS.

xinput set-prop 7 "Synaptics Finger" 5 5 256

If I could work out where xfce4 keeps its autostart files then I could get this to run at startup.

2 thoughts on “Chromebook Ubuntu 13.04 Touchpad Fix

  1. geek42

    hi, i am very glad after running this cmd which take back the expierences to ubuntu that i have on chromeos

    there’s still another problem afflict me, that’s the auto screen off

    on chromeos if you leave the keyboard for a while, it trigger the screen off and when you come back to do some ramdom key pressing, it will turn the screen on again and ask you to re-login

    while in the ubuntu for my chromebook, it cant turn the screen on again while you come back and do some random key pressing that i have to power off the machine and then boot it

    can you take sometime for helping me this?

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