Ah blessed Joramy, her ways are weird!

Sent out into the desert for Joramy know what reason (she said I would find someone to help me find the weapons of power we need to defeat the giants) I find a strange mage struggling through the sands on his last provisions. No idea how he got there but I lead him back to the safety of the mountains and found him some fresh water. Camping for the night when this grumpy dwarf trudges in and demands to share the fire. He claims he got bored of his clan and headed out adventuring, but from his look I think he is on the lam.

Joramy then sends me to a mountain monastery for another of the companions for my quest. Odd place totally deserted from the looks of it when we approached, but we could already smell the stench of Garlic. Inside is a lone monk, crazed as a hermit (no wonder with that Garlic smell). Who am I to argue with the blessed Joramy, the monk and his Doom Bell (mounted on his cart for some strange reason) joined our little questing group. We do not seem to be able to persuade him to wash though.

"You must find the serpents eye", says Joramy, "there you will find a friend and a book" (What the fuck is a book?), the mage seems to know though so thats ok! "It is over in the mountains yonder beyond the great plain of grass", says Joramy. Ok some trudging to be done there then. But its ok by Joramys blessing a number of Great Rocs swooped down and scooped us up carrying us to their nest.

Nest was full of shite and a cheery little Kobold fella, an even stranger companion. Ah, now we see when Joramy placed us here, we can see the serpent river and its eye glinting in the distance. Luckily we have foreseen to bring some rope so descending from the Roc's nest on the spire was not too difficult. Once down in the valley we started the long trudge to the island we had seen from the top.

The valley was filled with the strangest of creatures, its almost like the God's were testing our patience as we progressed down, undead, mudmen, hermits, overlarge crows, animated trees, and carnivorous rabbits were all sent to test us. But with the blessings of Joramy we finally made it to the island we sought. Somewhere along the line the monk and the dwarf seem to have had a barney. And the monk is scared of water. Thats a bit difficult when your travelling down a river. I am sure Joramy had her reasons, or maybe she just wants my hair grey.

Just before the Island our final companion joined us, apparently as punishment for a crime he was sent up the river (where we just came from) for the serpents eye, boy was he pissed at his elders when we told him where it was.

On the island we met one of his elders and decoded the cryptic writing (to be honest the mage was invaluable for this) and discovered about the caves under the island. We had to swim to the entrance of the caves across a fiery pool. I went first only to discover there was again some barney involving the monk and the rest of the group back where I had come from. I think eventually they just stuffed the monk on a sack and told him to shut up. Anyway they all made it across eventually.

Into the caves and the dwarf showed his battle prowess by picking a fight with the undead snakes. By Joramy's blessing I am sure we could have just walked past them but he was insisted they needed a good kick to the head. Who am I to argue with his prowess. Once past the snakes we found a tunnel that descended to behind a waterfall, not a good exit and a vertical shaft to another level. Obviously these caves had been worked by some creatures in the past.

On the lower level were more caves, we discovered a giant serpent keeping a fairy trapped with its hypnotic powers, serpent quickly dispatched by the Blessing's of Joramy.

We were exploring further when some dwarfs attacked us, our dwarf insists they are a different breed but I find it difficult to see the differences, short, grump, hairy. Anyway myself and the mage took some serious wounds in that fight but Joramy's Blessings allowed us to recover. We discovered the serpent its eye and the pile of arse wipings that is apparently a book. We returned the serpent to the elder above to fulfil our final companions quest then headed off over the grasslands to our next destination, a salty marsh!