New Port

The city formally known as Altdorf became the natural rallying point at the after the Chaos Invasion of the Empire lost its momentum. Here was where the remaining men and women of the Empire streamed to looking for leadership that was no more.

The only buildings in Altdorf that remained habitable after the war were the colleges of magic. These were suddenly thrust back into the real world with the failure of the magic that held them in secret. Mostly empty of wizards except novices in training and caretakers the colleges became hospitals and cook houses for the refugee camp that Altdorf had become.

What remained of the city leaders started to organise, given the almost complete lack of nobility left in the Empire they declare that the city council would be elected from the various groups of refugees. This motion kickstarted the new democratic era of the Empire.

Due to the tsunami caused by the sinking of Ulathan Marienburg and much of the Wasteland was now under the sea. This returned Altdorf to being the first city on the Reik.

Seeing this the newly elected council knew that in order to find food for a city of refugees they were going to have to get the port up and running and send ships to discover crops and herds that remained. So they started on the construction of the “New Port” just outside the city walls of old Altdorf. Because any refugee with skills was employed in this area on constuction they started to make their homes here too. As such over the years this area grew bigger and more populous than Altdorf itself. Eventually leading to the change in city name to New Port.

Old Altdorf eventually became a place of learning and rememberance for the old Empire and the lost heroes. The temples were rebuilt, the colleges of magic became the university. The slums were raised and replaced with gardens of reflection. The terrible wounds on the city slowly landscaped away. The buildings of New Port stretching now up the old docklanks making way for sea going ships.